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HTML Font awesome icons

Font Awesome is a popular icon set that contains over 1,500 icons that can be used in web development projects. These icons are vector-based, scalable, and can be customized to fit the design of any website or application.

To use Font Awesome icons in a web project, you'll need to add the Font Awesome CSS file to your HTML file. You can download the CSS file from the Font Awesome website or link to it using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) placing the code in the head of your html code like this:


<link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha512-m9DQmB8I+DTbLJd26tZvlx3lvVfWbJvC7+oToGrgXoe7VrW2QvB7V+FxzQLuCO8/pABJAKtTdiIzgR2QX0JtPg==" crossorigin="anonymous" referrerpolicy="no-referrer" />


Once the CSS file is included in your HTML file, you can use Font Awesome icons by adding the appropriate HTML code to your page. For example, to display the "thumbs-up" icon, you can use the following code:

<i class="fa fa-thumbs-up"></i>

Icon Code Icon Code
fa fa-address-book fa fa-camera
fa fa-envelope fa fa-search
fa fa-thumbs-up fa fa-trash
fa fa-user fa fa-umbrella
fa fa-star fa fa-globe
fa fa-heart fa fa-money
fa fa-money fa fa-gamepad
fa fa-clock-o fa fa-map-marker
fa fa-book fa fa-briefcase
fa fa-cloud fa fa-coffee
fa fa-cutlery fa fa-database
fa fa-desktop fa fa-adjust
fa fa-heart fa fa-home
fa fa-laptop fa fa-map-marker
fa fa-pencil fa fa-phone
fa fa-picture-o fa fa-plane
fa fa-power-off fa fa-shopping-cart
fa fa-soccer-ball-o fa fa-star
fa fa-stethoscope fa fa-sun-o